Sometimes Supplements and Vitamins do more then you may think

Last week I had realized that I wasn’t drinking my typical morning drink, Kiala Greens (This is absolutely not sponsored).  I didn’t really think it was doing all that much for me because when other reviews talk about their reactions to this drink I can’t really relate.  I didn’t think it’d be that big of a deal wether I took it or not, though, I knew it had some really good ingredients in it.  The product boasts helping with digestion, bloating, energy, skin, and immunity.  I didn’t honestly feel all of that and I didn’t think it’d be a big deal to skip for a few days.

I was so wrong.

Three days after I stopped taking it I had a large BPD Split where my reality shifted and I couldn’t honestly manage myself back into real reality.  I made some decisions which backfired and I just didn’t understand why all of a sudden I even cared about that certain situation to have even split.  After the situation was over I realized the next day that I had stopped taking my greens and that while I was taking them my emotions had been much more level even in stressful or uncomfortable times.  So naturally, I started taking them again immediately and I have been level ever since.

One day in the near future I’d like to get with a doctor who might help me distinguish what in that ingredients list is actually helping me chemically.  What about Kiala greens ingredients is actually helping me opposed to the other women who take it and go on about all the other benefits I don’t really feel.

That all being said, get yourself a good supplement!  If you have the knowledge or ability, figure out what deficiencies you might have that could be effecting your mental, emotional, and/or physical and start calibrating your diet and lifestyle to those needs.  I believe everyone can be healthier, feel good in their skin, and learn to be better overall.  Do the things that seem little like finding a supplement that is great for you.  A smoothie, drink, or even a capsule pill with the proper ingredients could be the one thing standing between you and the climb to your best life!

I wish you all the growth and love!  Have a wonderful week!